Marriage Registration :Everything You Need to Know

Updated on July 08, 2024 08:00:14 AM

Marriage is a sacred bond where the two individuals are tied in a knot of love and equality. Registering your marriage ensures that it is legally recognised and makes it official. You are also protected against legal disputes or issues if you register your marriage.

Additionally, registering your marriage allows you to access certain benefits married couples enjoy, such as tax breaks, health insurance, and inheritance rights. This article will give you complete information about the Marriage Registration, its procedure and benefits.

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Understanding the Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration is an official recognition of a marital bond between two individuals. A formal document known as a “Marriage certificate” is issued by the government authority that aids to prove the marriage is done in a lawful manner. Marriage registration also protects both couples' rights, especially in legal issues.

The Procedure for Marriage Registration

The complete procedure for Marriage Registration is as follows:

1st Stage: Submission of Application:

At the initial stage of the marriage registration, the couple has to submit an application. While filling out the application, all the details must be clear and appropriate including - name, age, address and others. This application aids in verifying whether the marriage is done through the legal procedure or not.

Along with this application, some documents are also required. The documents listed are mentioned below:

  1. Proof of Nationality (ex-Aadhar card, Passport, PAN card, etc.)
  2. Passport-size photos of both parties.
  3. Marriage proof/ photos as per ritual
  4. Divorce Decree ( if any partner is divorcee)
  5. Death Certificate of the previous spouse ( if the partner is a widow/widower)
  6. Any other relevant legal documents (if you have any)

Stage 2: Payment of Fees

A charge is often associated with the submission of the application for marriage registration. This price can vary according to the jurisdiction and might be paid in cash, check, or via electronic ways.

Stage 3: Verifying by Registrar

After the submission of the application and the payment of fees, the application goes for scrutiny and verification by the Registrar. Here, they ensure that the provided information or details given by the couple are appropriate or not according to the legal requirements. If any discrepancies are found during verification, the registrar might order to submit any additional documents as well.

If a successful verification has been done, a “Marriage Certificate” is issued to the couple and the marriage is finally registered.

Note: The Marriage Registration could be complicated without a legal consultant or help. Therefore the couple must hire a professional lawyer and make a hassle-free path to love.“Litem Legalis” is the best option with having a number of experience in this field.

Importance of Marriage Registration

There are several importance of Marriage Registration, some of them given below:

  1. Marriage Registration formalises the marital status and determines it in legal documents.
  2. Registered marriages allow couples to enjoy spousal rights and benefits such as insurance, pensions, and other benefits.
  3. It provides recorded proof of marriage, which is useful for a variety of administrative and legal purposes.
  4. Registration protects against fraud or bigamous marriages by maintaining written evidence.
  5. A marriage certificate is often necessary for couples travelling or migrating to confirm marital status and get relevant visas or residency permits.

How can the Litem Legalis Assist you?

Marriage Registration is a legal procedure that requires legal assistance. If you also want to go for this hassle-free Registration procedure, the “Litem Legalis” will be your best Choice. Litem Legalis is a team of experienced lawyers who intend to provide legal guidance to their clients.

There are other several reasons given below that make your choice clear:-

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Marriage registration is the legal procedure of describing a couple's marriage. It is a critical step in ensuring both spouses and their children's legal rights and safeguards. Marriage registration has a lot of social and cultural advantages in addition to legal advantages.

However, marriage registration is a useful step for all couples, regardless of their personal views or circumstances. It is a quick and straightforward process that can bring lifetime benefits to both couples and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Marriage Registration?

Marriage Registration is a lawful process to certify a couple’s marriage through the government authority.

What documents are required for the Marriage Registration?

Aadhar card, marriage proof, 2 passport-size photos, and other relevant legal documents(if they have any) are the required documents for the Marriage Registration.

What is the cost for the Marriage Registration?

₹100 is the total cost for the marriage Registration but if the couple wants a marriage certificate on an urgent basis they have to pay ₹10,000 for that and the lawyer’s professional charges are separate from the government fees.

What is the time duration for the Marriage Registration?

It will take 15 days to 1 month to obtain a Marriage Registration.

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