Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. LITEM is an online legal platform that serves every legal need of yours. We are on a mission to make the legal world simple and easy for you. With LITEM, taunting tasks of finding a good lawyer and consulting them now seems easy. You don’t need to worry about visiting them physically, this all can be done with just a few clicks on our website. We simply are a one-stop solution for your every legal need.
Ans. Neither we are a legal consultancy firm nor a law firm. LITEM is an online platform that serves to solve your legal needs. We don’t provide any legal services but indeed fulfill all your requirements.
Ans. The part that we are not a legal consultancy firm itself separates us from others. Indeed our fair pricing, quick and timely updates, expert online consultation, and hassle-free experience can help you in your decision.
Ans. We offer our services to PAN India while based in Nehru Place, Delhi. You can reach us out via mail or form as well.
Ans. The process of reaching us out is pretty simple. Either you can make a direct call to us or fill our contact form and let us do the honor. Your “hi” text on WhatsApp will indeed be sufficient for contacting us.
Ans. No, we offer a first Free Consultation with the lawyer. You can discuss your legal matter with them and have an overview of your solution at absolute zero cost.

To keep in Mind: The Free Consultation with an advocate is only valid for 5 minutes and after that, you need to pay for further consultation.
Ans. You can choose any of the digital payment methods that you feel comfortable with. First, select your required service, then simply pay using the linkclick.

In case of any problem with the payment, you can always reach us out at for proper guidance and solution.

Ans. You can contact the Customer Service team at or +91-9289044667.
Ans. You pay LITEM, not the lawyer. This ensures fixed pricing for the service and avoids any chances of miscommunication. You can further refer to our privacy policy as well.
Ans. Firstly, you have to fill the form and then our team will guide you throughout the process of contacting the lawyer.
Ans. You can freely change your lawyer for a consultation. Ideally, if you feel unsatisfied with the first lawyer, you must seek and consider other options also.

But please consider one thing that free consultation is valid for a one-time thing only.
Ans. No, it is not mandatory. But so far we highly recommend you to consult a lawyer before hiring them.
Ans. Hiring an advocate is too simple with LITEM. Unlike physical visits to lawyers for your need and requirement, you can just browse through their profiles and select. Then as per your choice, you shortly will be in contact with them.
Ans. Consulting a lawyer is now a very simple task with LITEM. Within a few minutes, you can choose the type of consultation and connect with the lawyer accordingly. For more insights on our different modes of consultation services and their costs, you can check out this page: Consult a Lawyer
(Add on: If you proceed with hiring the lawyer after consultation, then your consultation fee would be waived off accordingly.)
Ans. You can ask the lawyer about the details, process, laws, time, documents, and literally anything related to the law to the lawyer.
Ans. Absolutely no, we at LITEM believe in complete transparency. You will get for whatever you pay, there will be no hidden and additional charges on any of the services. If you still need any clarification on consultation charges, please reach out at
Ans. Yes, surely you can change your mode of consultation at any time you want. Once you opt for video consultation, you then become eligible for consultation over the voice call as well for your time slot. Similarly, if you opt for an in-person consultation, at any time before the meet, you can change it to voice or video call as well.
Ans. Legal advice is a lawyer’s guidance about your specific legal matter based on their expertise and experience, such as advising what the legal outcome of a situation might be; recommending that you take certain steps, or advising you to refrain from doing something.
Ans. For those who can’t wait a day longer for lawyer consultation, we have a instant legal consultation available for them. You can choose our instant consultation with lawyer and get in touch with them the same day. For more information on the same, checkout Online Legal Consultation.
Ans. You, in person or over on Con-call, can have a word with the lawyer. You can then share your problem and the relief you seek with them. Then the lawyer advises you or suggests what appropriate actions you must take in your case. If you find consultation helpful and decide to proceed with them for your case, then you can hire them also.