Succession Certificate

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A person who does not leave a will on his death, then the family members need to get a succession certificate to certify the legal heir who is entitled to claim the assets in accordance with the succession laws.

Apply In-Person for Legal Heir

  1. Applicant can approach respective SDM/Thasildhar office to apply in person.
  2. Application form can be obtained from the office while applicant visits. OR Applicant shall write an application on an A4 paper. Please affix the advised stamp on the paper as per requirement.
  3. Please go to the respective office and submit the completed application form along with the required document to the respective authorities.
  4. Authorities after receiving the application will check the attached documents and details. If all are in place, they will make entries in their registry and provide you record number for reference.
  5. Thasildhar OR respective authority will assign the application for further processing to the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and Mandal revenue officer (MRO) OR the authorities concerned.
  6. There will be a ground level verification and scrutiny of the documents submitted by the above authorities.
  7. Once the verification is over, these officials will submit their report to the Thaasildhaar OR respective authority to decide and issue the Certificate to the applicant with the names of all legal heirs of the deceased.
  8. Applicant will get the certificate after due verification

Apply through Civil Court for Succession Certificate

  1. Applicant(legal heir) shall make a petition in the prescribed format at the competent Civil Court within whose jurisdiction the asset of the deceased is situated (applicant shall apply through a lawyer as applicable)
  2. Once the petition is received, the court issues a notice in the newspapers as well as to all the respondents.
  3. The notice calls for objections, if any, to issue succession certificate, and provides a period of 45(applicable period of time) days to do the same along with necessary documentary proofs.
  4. On expiry of the time period, if the court does not receive any responses and no one contests the petition, the court passes an order on the succession certificate.
  5. The fee has to be paid in the form of judicial stamp papers for sufficient amount (fixed percentage of the value of the estate) as levied by court. After which the certificate shall be issued.

Documents Required

  1. Death certificate
  2. Identity Card
  3. Ration card
  4. Written / prescribed application form
  5. Proof of residence of deceased person (Voter ID / DL / Bank Pass Book etc.,)
In case of Spouse applies for certificate
  1. If the spouse survives, Aadhaar, Marriage Registration Certificate or Passport or Voter ID should be submitted
  2. Birth certificate or Transfer Certificate of all Children
  3. Self-declaration of the spouse indicating all other legal heirs (including Mother-in-law if wife is the applicant)
In case of Child (minor) applies if parents are deceased
  1. Death Certificate of the parents
  2. Birth certificate / Aadhaar / Passport / T.C of the applicant and Aadhaar card of all possible heirs
  3. Guardianship order issued by the Honourable civil court to prove relationship to the heirs
In case of Child applies if parents are deceased
  1. Death Certificate of the parents
  2. Birth certificate / Aadhaar / Passport / T.C of the applicant and adhaar card of all possible heirs
In case of Parents or sibling apply (unmarried children deceased)
  1. Death Certificate of the Deceased
  2. Birth certificate / Aadhaar / Passport / T.C of the deceased
  3. Self-declaration of the parents / siblings