Civil Cases

Property Dispute

As the name suggests, property dispute is a legal dispute related to property in India. About 66% of all cases in India are property-related disputes. There are various types of property disputes. These could often arise through claims from co-owners, family, legal heirs, misrepresentation by seller read more..

RERA Cases

Over the last decade many housing units and apartments coming up in your cities and areas. The real estate price has been sky rocketing. The demand for housing is ever increasing. Government schemes were unable to cope with the demand. Private players took over real estate industry by read more..

Execution Application

The term execution of a decree refers to the process for enforcing or giving effect to the judgment, decree or order of the court. The execution is the mechanism though which the decree holder realises the fruits of the decree ordered by the court. It comes to a close when the decree holder read more..

Breach of Contract

Contract is made between the parties who are intended to bind together in a legal obligation serve the interest of both the parties. The parties, in order to govern themselves and tosafeguard their interest make their own terms and conditions. And when such terms andconditions are read more..

Tort Claims

A victim of a tort may have several possible remedies available under tort laws. There are three basic types of remedies in tort law: Legal Remedies (“damages”), Restitutionary Remedies, and Equitable Remedies read more..